Art by Matt Larsen

You Are Here (2)You are here, online. And here, in your home / office / airport / coffee shop.

And here. Now.

You will always be here and never be here again. At the end, it will be for a greater purpose or you will make no greater impact than the ripples disturbing the surface of an ocean.

I work in ripples, concentric circles moving outward in parallel and perpendicular lines, interacting organically, strange and familiar at the same time. Eyes stare back from drawings filled with detail. Filigree.

I live in New York City and the city and the architecture of complexity is one muse among many, including–in no particular order–Salvador Dali, Geoff Darrow, Lebbeus Woods, my parents, and H.R. Giger.

I work in pen, paint and, most recently, wire, plastic and this site (WordPress). My art has been featured in Book Country, at MODA, SXSW and more and is available for purchase as prints and originals (see below).

If you would like to know more about me, to buy a print or to commission a special work, please contact me by way of the contact form, or through

Then go to wherever you are needed most. And you will still be here. And here. And here.